Services provided by Shanti Niketan Society

Services provided by Shanti Niketan Society

Yoga Classes:

The Society is providing free Yoga Classes on every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm through qualified Yoga teacher(s). For more information, please contact Ms. Rashmi Sinha at 780-991-7916.

Volunteer Services:

Society is working to facilitate the programs and services to seniors through other service providers either on payment basis or through volunteer services.

This shall be included in the near future in Society’s activity or programs. However, our programs, services and activities could not operate without volunteers who spend lot of hours sharing their expertise, time and energy.

Shanti Niketan Society for Semi-Retired and Seniors will appreciate the services of the individuals. If you are willing to provide your expertise or any other help, please contact Mrs. Renu Narang, Treasurer at 780-239-2582.